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:・゚★’。,♪*:・。★’゚・ 。゚・:♪★’,。・:*’゚★★

AIの翻訳を見ることができます (ベータ)。

♪・゚’★,。*:・。★’゚・: 。゚・:★’,。・:*:♪★’゚・

︎︎︎ WDE ︎︎︎ ︎︎︎︎︎︎

WETDREAMSEXCITER is a new generation audiovisual band that presents the world with new forms of ambient music and visual aesthetics rooted in hypnogogic dreams of passionate dark sexuality and surrealistic pictures of the future everyone dreams about.

In 2020 they launched Signal from the Deep (SFTD), a 24/7 audiovisual broadcast, based on the concept of UGC (User-generated content) - where anyone with certain skills can create art and influence the course of the story.

At its core, the artistic idea of SFTD broadcast explores the topic of self-determination and the search for one’s own path. Leave your piece of something absolutely selfless in the eternity of an infinite stream.

It is a metaphor for a collective unconscious that is woven from fragments of dreams and memories, which we can watch from any point in the story, being at once everywhere and nowhere.

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