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︎︎︎ Submission Guidelines (08/2023) ︎︎︎

Basic Submission Info

if you want to release on Angel Lips please use THIS FORM.

i will give you 100% of digital sales on your release (simultaneously, i recommend that you host the work on your own page so fans can buy direct as well).  

digtal distributors can reject work without providing any substantive reason. and, often have. this is particularly true of 'noise' and similar genres. rejection or acceptance of your work by digital distribution services is not within our realm of control.

(i recommend you upload and manage your own distro)

Other Submission Info

Angel Lips will solely decide/provide cover art.

Each artist on Angel Lips is assigned a color, your cover art will be the color we assign to you.

The Artist is welcome to provide alternate cover art for inclusion on album downloads.

Response Time: If accepted, we will respond to your submission within two weeks. If you do not hear back from us in two weeks, it means we are not going to release your work; unfortunately we can not promise a response and/or feedback on all submissions, we will try.

Simultaneous Submssions: Considering we might take an hour to respond, but could also take the full two weeks to respond, feel free to submit your work to another label simultaneously. If we reach out to accept your submission, but are too late, just let us know that it has been picked up elsewhere. Your art and your time is important to us.

Use common sense with regard to copyright.

At this time, we do not physically release our products on cassette tapes or CD-Rs. Any physical production we plan in the future will only be done with your approval.

Angel Lips is an uncanny label. please choose Angel Lips because you like Angel Lips and want to release something on Angel Lips. i hope for many things, but i only *expect* to like/love what we put out into the world; i think that is the best way to perceive the label as well.

im running angel lips because it is fun. please only submit because it is fun. thank you!!